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Business Stream - Information and insights on how to leverage the Platform's market potential.

Technical Stream -  A deeper understanding of how to design and develop for Apple's Touch Platform.

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8:10 Registration - Convention Level
9:00 Welcome and Keynote Intro
Toronto I (Ballroom)
Toronto I (Ballroom)
  Ajit Jaokar
Founder, futuretext, London, UK

"Invisible Touch: The Invisible Impacts of Apple's Touch Platform"

The 'invisible' impact of the Touch Platform has transformed the ecosystem and has extended beyond touch(UI). Apple started with the customer experience and then worked backwards into the value chain i.e. content(including professionally generated content and user generated content), applications, device and network. Traditionally, these elements innovated within their own silos but the new apple ecosystem successfully managed to unify all these elements and create a new value chain. This transformation continues with the iPad.

This keynote will discuss what these trends mean going forward. It will span the ecosystem from UI, apps, content, iPad, iPhone 4 etc. and discuss the wider issues and challenges beyond the platform and the implications for designers, developers and business.

10:05 Networking Break
Toronto I (Ballroom)
Carmichael Jackson
10:40 B:1 - Is the Business of iP3 All About Marketing? T:1 - Native vs. Web Apps
  What does iP3 mean for me? Mobile marketing leaders and thinkers discuss the  business of iP3 and its potential for marketing and beyond.
Moderated by:
Andrew Lane, Director, Digital Engagement, Weber Shandwick Canada

Digital Analyst Jason Roks leads a discussion on the why, how, who, when and what of native and web apps looking at Webkit2, what it is today, where it's going, and the implications of alternative platforms
  • Reg Braithwaite, Senior Developer, Unspace

  • Pete Forde, Partner, Unspace

  • Paul Osman, Senior Web Developer, The Mozilla Foundation

  • James Walker, Software Services Architect, StatusNet Inc. & Leader in Open Source Software

Moderated by:
Jason Roks, Consultant and Digital Analyst
11:35 B:2 - Case Studies in Revenue Models on iP3
T:2 - Workshops in Development Models on iP3
  Learn from successful leaders in app development what you need to know to plan, build and deliver an app across the iP3 platform. What's the best model for you; ad-supported or premium? What other options are out there and what has worked for whom? Join us for this Business Stream session with leading app developers to  hear  the strategies that have led to their success.
Moderated by:
Gary Yentin, CEO, App-Promo!
#1: Integrating GPS Into Your Apps and Websites

Successfully engaging your users while they are on the go means answering the question: What makes their location crucial to the feature they are trying to use?  Armed with only latitude and longitude (and sometimes a compass), we'll use that information to create store locators, tag content with their location, help users find their way, display content of interest, and more!  We'll also explore where to get alternate map data when Google Maps doesn't fit.  Good for developers and non-developers alike.

#2: Mastering Xcode for IP3

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." -- Abraham Lincoln.

Enhance your iP3 app develoment productivity by learning short cuts, third-party plugins and scripts to build, manage devices, debug, anaylse and publish in the iP3 platform.
  • Libin Pan, Ruby on Rails Developer, LearnHub.com

12:35 Lunch
1:00 - 1:25
Growth, Investment & Mobile Apps with Ray Sharma, Founder, XMG Studio
  Ray Sharma , XMG Studio Founder, Founding Partner of Extreme Venture Partners, and Co-Founder of Xtreme Labs, will share his insights and vision of the climate for growth and investment in mobile apps and the game space.  Through a Q&A with Globe & Mail tech columnist Ivor Tossell, Ray will dive deep into the opportunities for developers in terms of investment, collaborations, and development strategies to ensure the best case for success.
  • Ray Sharma
    Founding Partner, Extreme Venture Partners
    Founder, XMG Studio Inc
    Chairman & Co-Founder, Xtreme Labs

In Discussion with:
1:45 B:3 - App Law: The Legal Side of Mobile Apps T:3 - iP3 Can be FLASHy: How to put Flash content on iP3

A review of the law of iP3 Apps, including: Copyright issues; Trade-mark issues;  Intellectual property ownership;  Understanding app licensing;  App development agreements and mitigating risks for developers;  App Lawsuits: An Update

The Apple - Adobe fight over Flash on the iPhone has been making lots of news lately with the focus on the use of Flash in a browser.  However, Flash can be used for a lot more than just viewing websites.  Flash is a great tool for creating compelling and "eye-popping" user interfaces and graphics for many 2D/3D applications.  In this session, we will discuss Apple's viewpoint on use of Flash on their platforms as well as the limitations of Adobe Flash.  We will also demonstrate how to develop and implement Flash on the iPhone following Apple's licensing terms.

  • Chris Brady, CEO, President & Founder, Animated Media Inc.

2:25 B:4 - iP2: Original vs. Licensed IP T:4 - User Experience Design in iP3:

Implications of the iPad & Gestural Design Fundamentals / Bodystorming Workshop
  This session will explore a comparison of the business models associated with game development based on both licensed and original IP from two leading game developers, each representing alternate sides of the IP question. We  will look at examples of development strategies from concept through to revenue generation touching on managing the risks associated.

  • Adam Smith, CEO / Director of Experience Design, Liquid Reality

Size Isn't Everything: Why the iPad Isn't Just Bigger; It's a Whole New UX, and How to Design For It

How has the iPad shifted the mobile user experience paradigm? What does this mean for the iPhone? How will mobile apps need to shift in order to become or remain successful? Although they share an OS, the interactions offered by the iPad and it's smaller siblings are very different. We will explore what these differences are, how they effect interaction, and why they demand distinct solutions that embrace and exploit the unique challenges, variations and opportunities between them in order to deliver enjoyable, satisfying and successful user experiences.

BODYSTORMING the USER EXPERIENCE: Gestural Design Fundamentals

Over 1 million touch-based devices are being sold in the USA every week.  If you're not already designing for touch-based devices, you will be. And your success depends on your understanding of the medium, your customers and the decisions you make early in the design process.  Bodystorming helps designers understand use cases and scenarios, and prototype the problem space when designing for touch- and gesture-based devices. This session provides a history of touch and gestural interfaces, discusses fundamentals and ergonomics of designing for touch devices, and introduces participants to the hands-on bodystorming method of prototyping.

3:10 B:5 - Innovation Drivers: iWar, eHealth and iCivics
T:5 - Providing a Scalable Video Platform for Webkit Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  An in-depth look into the role of smart phones and apps in 3 major industries at the vanguard of tech innovation for business: Security and War, Health and Civics. Learn who is at the front of cutting edge developments in Touch-tech in these 3 key areas and get inspired to contribute.
What are the options available to organizations that want to broadcast video across iP3? Why will clients be looking to add support for these devices in the coming 18 months? How do you this? What services will you use? What are the best practices?

Join Steve Hulford, leader in the digital media field, for his inspirational talk on how to reach new markets and eyeballs with video on webkit devices, and learn how to further monetize existing video content. You will also walk away knowing how to implement a system that lets you use multiplatform videos and serve them into your apps.

3:40 Networking Break
4:20 Why The iPad is Not the Future of Magazines
  There is a lot of hype around the iPad. Many publishers are jumping on-board. Some say that the interactivity of the device will give new wings to the magazine industry. The Wired and Sport Illustrated iPad apps have created a lot of apprehension within the community. What are the early facts? Is the iPad really going to save the magazine business?
Out of Touch? Destabilizing the Paradigm
  What are some of the bigger questions we should be considering when adapting mobile strategies involving Touch? Why does mobile matter? Where do we think we're even headed? This closing discussion will look at different perspectives on the current and future landscape of mobile, innovation, and strategy.

Moderated by:
Michael O'Farrell, Country Manager - Canada, Mobile Marketing Association

Closing Remarks

6:05 End

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